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Cobra Pepper Spray
Cobra Pepper Spray Cobra Pepper Spray

Matte Black

» Description: The Mace® Pepper Gun is the most accurate defense pepper spray unit available. The OC super strength pepper spray formula (.74 Capsaicinoids) is contained in disposable cartridge that can be replaced when empty. Utilizing an advanced delivery system, the Bag-in-a-can technology allows you to spray a constant stream which reaches up to 20 feet from any angle! Featuring a trigger activated LED light helps you accurately aim the Pepper Gun and momentarily distract your attacker in the dark. This unit includes a 28 gram Pepper cartridge, a water test cartridge, and (3) 1.5V alkaline button cell batteries (AG13/LR44) for LED light operation. Instructions about operating the pepper gun and changing the battery are also included. This is a new product for self defense .the spray range of this gun is 20 feet. Can be used multiple times and real looking to scare a would be attacker. No license required .the pepper cartridge is available with us if additional cartridge is required. Made in the USA by mace which is the world leader in self defense. 4 year warranty. Once worn with the holster on the belt, looks like a original gun, thereby discouraging the would be attackers.
MRP. 6000.00
(Inclusive of Taxes)

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