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Cobra Pepper Spray

Double Mouth Pepper Cans

» Product: Double Mouth Cans
»Model: COBRA Double Trouble
» Spray Pattern: Cone
» Spray Type: High Emission
» Spray Range: Mouth A 8 ft , Mouth B 30ft
» Content: Oleoresin Capsaicin In IPA Medium & Propellant

» Standard Strength (1.5%) Can be increased:Approximately 20 Times stronger than the Red Chili Powder used for cooking. Does Not cause any permanent Injury or scarring.
»Safety mechanism:
» Net Qty/Wt:440 ml/270g
» Accessories:
» Ideal Use: Mouth A For a small mob of 8-10 heads; Mouth B For Mob control ( 70-100
Heads Mob)
» Shelf Life: 3 years from manufacturing Date

» Spray Time to Empty Container: pray Time to From Mouth A (8ft):72 seconds on continuous discharge; Empty Container From Mouth B (30ft): :9 seconds on continuous discharge
»Design Advantages: Advantage of COBRA Magnum & Mob control units in One Canister

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